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Winter Sun CD/LP

Image of Winter Sun CD/LP


Winter Sun is Snorri Helgason's sophomore solo album and his most daring work yet. It is produced by indie pop wunderkind Sindri Már Sigfússon (of Sin Fang and Seabear) and presents Snorri not only as a sincere songwriter but also as a musician willing to experiment with his soundscape. A few notable Icelandic musicians lend their talent on Winter Sun, Mr. Silla sings backing vocals, Sóley plays piano and Guðmundur Óskar of Hjaltalín plays bass.

Released in Iceland on August 4th 2011.

1. River
2. Mockingbird
3. The Wild Blue Yonder
4. Julie
5. Boredom
6. Winter Sun #2
7. Caroline Knows
8. Winter’s Day
9. 99 Songs
10. The Butcher’s Boy
11. Winter Sun #1